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Highway 6 Express started with just one man, one bus, one trailer, and one real connection to Highway 6 and the North.

Growing up, my family and I would take one big trip a year, maybe two if there was a special occasion, from Thompson to Winnipeg. I remember sitting in the backseat with my little sister while cruising down Highway 6, playing games, laughing, looking out the window, getting into the odd kick fight, and most importantly, listening to mom and dad’s rock ’n’ roll tapes.

At the age of 15, I received my learner’s permit and started working for my uncle at the concrete factory in Thompson (Terra Crete at the time). This is where I learned to drive forklifts, loaders, and large trucks, preparing me for my future of driving. Before leaving Thompson at age 20 to pursue music with some local friends, I was driving for Northstar and Driftwood taxi services, while also driving delivery trucks for Canada Post, all through Hagemeister Trucking.

After moving to Winnipeg with my bandmates, my main jobs involved driving delivery trucks of all sizes, moving trucks, and boom trucks/lifts. I was also the main driver when touring with my rock band. We travelled all over Canada with a 1990 Chevy 2500 van and trailer, not to mention the countless trips up Highway 6 back to our hometown. This went on for a decade.

In 2011, I decided to move back to Thompson to work for Vale, for what was supposed to be a couple years. In 2015, I left Vale and moved back to Winnipeg. During my time with Vale I worked a schedule of five days on, five days off. However, my five days off included driving Highway 6 to Winnipeg and returning to Thompson for the next shift.

I estimate I’ve driven Highway 6 between 300 and 400 times. I feel comfortable driving on Highway 6 and I’m always cautious of other drivers. My number one priority is the safety of all passengers when driving. I will be your personal driver and I will do my best to meet your needs.

I hope you come along for the ride, help and support me along the way, and be honest with me about how I can improve your experience with Highway 6 Express.

See you on the highway,

- Steven Crooks



Tel: 204-997-1099

Toll Free: 1-844-HWY-6EXP



24 hrs

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