0 - 5 pounds


Small Parcel 

5 - 20 pounds 


Medium Parcel

21 - 35 pounds


Large Parcel 

36 - 50 pounds


Custom Parcel 

 100 pounds or more, large items

Please Request Quote


Door to Door Service 

( "IN" city pick up/drop off is $20.00 - $65.00 per stop in Winnipeg, depending on volume)

( "IN" town pick up/drop off is $10.00 per stop along Highway 6, and in Thompson)

(Better freight rates for repeat customers) 


Flat rates starting at $3500 between WPG and Thompson

Includes: Two guys to load and unload trailer in each city,

Vehicle to haul trailer, trailer 12' x 7' - 7' high to fill with personal belongings

Passenger room available 

Custom Freight

We can service large shipments of freight to communities in the North. We do residential moves, furniture, and grocery deliveries. Call us to work out a quote.

We provide an industrial place of business and multiple work trucks for anyone looking for delivery services.