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"2 Men and a Truck" service for Thompson

Highway 6 Express is providing moving services for in city work, in Thompson.

Never lift a finger!! We have 2 guys and a box truck, plus other vehicles, to provide Thompson with services such as:

- Local moves from house to house, apartment to apartment, or to help move items for commercial businesses. $155 per hour

- We provide dump runs for residential and commercial lots, and we also remove bulk garbage for apartment buildings that maybe blocking or surrounding their dumpsters. Starting at $80, plus dump fees

- We remove old or broken appliances from your home from anywhere in the house, any size. $50 for 1 appliance $35 for each additional.

- Anything you can think of that may need two guys and a large truck, we will make it happen.


Steven Crooks

Highway 6 Express

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