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Update: September.27/20 "Say no to Covid"

Hi everyone. Just a little up date on the passenger service side of things for Highway 6 Express. As of September 3rd we stopped taking passengers North from Winnipeg and have only been doing freight from the south. We have still been taking passengers from Thompson to Winnipeg but it looks like we will be shutting down all passenger side of things for the next little while. We need to keep covid out of Thompson and keep everyone safe and keep all our businesses open, do your part please.

I am still doing weekend runs for freight only, leaving Thompson every Friday and leaving Winnipeg every Sunday. We do have our courier guy in the city that can pick up in the city Monday to Friday till 5:00 p.m., your item/s will be stored in the warehouse till I make my trip North, every Sunday. Please check out the website for more details and services.

Thank You,

Highway 6 Express

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